Lunar Eclipse ~ Energy Update

          The spiritual energy of your currently reality is full of fire & passion, action through intention, and the will to achieve your goals. You are driven by the masculine energy of doing, having overcome many obstacles through sheer will. The Magick you have filled your life with has allowed your intellect to match that will. Your intuition is currently at its highest vibration. You are experiencing swift progress from a long sought after project. The Eight of Spirals symbolizes success in what you seek. The Hunter’s Moon is depicted on the Eight of Spirals, which is also considered the Blood Moon. It occurs after the autumnal equinox in the northern hemisphere. The veil to Otherworld's is at its thinnest and energetically at its highest peak. This cards appearance asks you to pay close attention to any random thoughts or odd dreams. Look to the fire element and how it has caused destruction in your life, and view it as a positive. Cosmic shifts are occurring on a soul and cellular level for you. You are receiving an influx of energy from beyond the veil. Trust it. Spiral into it and watch your magic unfold.

          As the elementals of earth & fire unite in your reality, hold steady in your spiritual endeavors. The fire and passion in your will is allowing conflicting energies from the depths of your subconscious mind to surface. With intentional action and contemplation, releasing your inner demons allows the veil of repressed feelings to be lifted, with an opportunity to solve problems of unhealthy desires and feelings of resentment or self-centeredness. The unstable energies of fire and earth may create inner conflict. Diligently remaining grounded in divine masculine energy also gifts the ability to vanquish all inner demons. The Five of Spirals asks you to shine the light of your conscious awareness on your own shadows in order to subdue them properly. Do not fear them, rather embrace the process. With intention and will, all is accomplished.

          The Queen of Mirrors symbolizes a double water element and a double internal message. As it was pulled inverted during the water elemental question, answering the question of what unexpected internal energies are in your reality! Pay close attention to the messages this card holds. Spirituality and feminine energy bring growth through the process of nurturing and self-realization. The Watcher is contemplative & intuitive, a true Psychic & Mystic. Your process for manifesting is one of internalizing emotions before you share what you have transmuted with integration. This helps you create space to help others in need. Think of a Spiritual Mentor you trust and emulate the qualities of their intuitive abilities. Ultimately you will learn to nurture your own mystical talents and interests by looking within for answers. Remember Wise One, you hold the Power. Trust your uncanny intuition in all relationships and encounters in this life.

          You are now Grounding into a flow of abundant energy and feeling worthy of this financial abundance. The energy of personal energetic change is one of earthy fire. Ground into your space. Focus on your earthy ability to ground into the energy of fire. You deserve the abundant flow of healthy physical experiences, money through practicality, and utilizing all of your senses to attain a flow of abundance. You have always remained loyal to yourself and your path, but are reminded of your right to be spontaneous. To change your mind last minute, and then change it again. It’s okay to even confuse people regarding your choices because it’s all movement towards alignment with your soul purpose. The Illusionist is a misunderstood Mystic full of an unusual amount of exuberance. He is eccentric like a gifted Indigo Child. Utilize this youthful energy the Knight of Stones brings you. Harness the power of fiery destruction to build a solid foundation moving forward. We are always flowing, always moving, always shifting.  

          Emotions guide the long-term outcome of what’s currently shifting your reality. Your intuition is strong and creates a solid foundation for you. When at your best, you are empathetic and nurturing in all your relationships. You find security and stability in your Spirituality, a certain rootedness from your practices. Be careful of self-indulgent behavior leading you to become unnecessarily detached or neglectful. The Four of Mirrors is a reminder to not let emotions linger and become stagnant. Move them through your body, like a Mermaid in the Sea! Stepping into your full Divine Femininity! This Energy allows you to cultivate the inner peace you seek. Emotion IS Energy in Motion. Utilize it to become detached from what does not serve you. Literally move and allow emotions to flow through your body as the energetic frequencies they are. You are an earthly body, a conduit, instant transmutation in physical form. 

          The passion and fire that burns in your Heart is undeniable. As we are always shifting, please check-in with your heart space to feel where your focus is. This is a spiritual call to action through utilizing your will. A great time to plant seeds of new beginnings. Set the path to your goals ablaze and follow the light. There is always potential for manifestation. Utilize your divine masculine energy to create intentionally driven goals aligned with your heart center. The Ace of Spirals is a positive card pointing towards growth in beginnings. You are being recognized for your recent accomplishments. Your transformation through the spiritual path is not unnoticed. There have been new ideas you are holding in your heart space which stimulate and inspire you. Remember to nourish your hearts desires. Engage in physical action, emotional intelligence, and your spiritual preferences, to see these desires come to their full potential.

          The Spiritual Fire within you is what guides your reality. As an individual you found grace in assertion through persistence. As you proceed down your path of spirituality, know this persistence is paying off. It has been a defining energy for you, fully stepping into expressing your own free will. The element of fire guides you now, through passion & will, and action through intention. You are standing in your strength, embracing your divine masculine energy, your inner confidence as an authority. The shadow work you have been doing, the inner healing you have witnessed of yourself, is now guiding you to run full fledge out of the darkness. Focus on the light before you. Stand firm when working through emotions that have been buried. Continue your tenacity to turn dark to light and you will prevail.

          The Phoenix is a mythological bird and will spread her brilliantly colored wings as she shakes off the ash she was just birthed from. This etheric creature is representative of rising form the ashes of its own creative destruction. There have recently been major life lessons learned and they have mended timelines and paved pathways for your future and past selves. Recently, the energies of the Otherworld's have been strongly calling to you. The vibrant colors of the Phoenix draw your attention towards the inspirational streams of consciousness entering your life. Judgment has occurred for you recently, highlighting a time of resolution & restoration. This time in your life is full of Magick & Transformation. Don’t shy away from reaping the rewards and trusting your instincts and intuition. You are being recognized for your strength in rising from the ashes of your inner turmoil. Rejoice during this intense portal of energetic growth & transfiguration. Flow and BE.

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