Lunar Eclipse + Full Moon in Capricorn

This Lunar Eclipse is following a Solar Eclipse from July 2nd, both culminating a 6-month cycle that began in January, with the first set of solar/lunar eclipses from 2019. Eclipses come in pairs, a lunar eclipse always occurs after a solar eclipse. This current Lunar Eclipse Energy is strong and encompassing. Shining light on duality, breaking old patterns, creating space for new energies. The movement from this Lunar Eclipse is literal. People are shifting and literally moving from where they currently live, to another location. We are shifting as a collective in order to adjust to specific frequencies. For example, someone who once was drawn to the desert is moving to the tropics, the soul who once longed for the city is moving to the forest, the one who loved the beach is moving to the city! Our energetic frequencies are changing rapidly and upgrading quickly. Accept this, allow it to move through you, and do not become attached. These things need to enter physicality in order to be transmuted to the brightest Light! We are conduits, beings of duality, those who alchemize dark to light, & dense to bright!

These cards were pulled for the Conscious Collective. For those Souls on the path of Awakening, on the path to Enlightenment, on the path to Full Self-Awareness; this message is for You! Many people are awakening. The more who awaken the more who can help others on their own path of Awakening. As the mind’s of the Conscious Collective becomes more expansive, the entire Collective becomes more Consciously aware. The shift becomes quicker, it hits harder, and it occurs faster! This does not have to be looked at as negative or positive, good or bad, it just is. We must remember to hold strong in our stance and keep our faith during these times we are fully tested beyond our wildest imagination. The energy is that of our personal little world falling and crumbling apart, but, in doing so, this time, you know its happening for a purpose, for a Divine reason. It means you are not skipping motions or altering emotions. You are taking the ride as it comes, flowing with the ebb through Grace & Passion. Here we Go. Here we Are. Together We Rise!

At this time, in this space of current energy, we are encapsulated in our own type of “Ultimate” Hero’s Journey. A quest to find our Highest Self, to once again Feel One with Source. To attain a reality constantly filled with an Abundance of Unconditional Love & Blessings. This is reached through the path of the Metaphysical Healer. Nothing good in the 3-Dimensional plane ever came easy. But, the nectar of physical attainability will be that much sweeter. This planet will not be taken for granted. We heard Gaia’s call and we are here to guide this mass awakening. We Will Remember!

*I was inspired to complete an 8-card Chrysalis Tarot reading for the Collective Conscious regarding the current Lunar Eclipse Energy!


The Psychic & Mystic, The Watcher, The Queen of Mirrors & Cups has a feminine energy. She brings in a spiritual mentor with emotional intuition and cosmic connection, guiding you to develop your own psychic and intuitive abilities. You are being asked to emulate the qualities you find in The Watcher. Nurture your own mystical talents and interests. Take time to look within and contemplate how best to enhance your power. Don’t be afraid to reach out and ask for guidance when needed! Look to another intuitive mystic for tools which resonate. You are on a quest for spiritual enlightenment and you have an opportunity for uncanny guidance from a wise mentor.


The Artiste, the Queen of Stones & Pentacles, paints a path through a tranquil clearing of ash trees. She paints with the feelings of invoking a glorious reality in your personal journey. Your actual physical being holds prophetic wisdom, even if you don’t realize it, your physical senses are always speaking to you. The Artiste is sent to gently inspire you through art, dance, music, and poetry. You are drawn to her gifts as she paints strokes of spiritual advice through your reality. Ground into your body, your own physical experience. Remember, you are magnetic, you are your own muse and guide to happiness & prosperity.   


The Nine of Scrolls illustrates despair and sadness brought on by subconsciously programmed aspects of your personality. This card signifies trauma & exhaustion from dealing with a difficult hurdle that has been placed before you. This despair might have been unexpected, but it is an important growth cycle for you to experience. You are struggling with fears in which you have blown out of proportion within your own mind. Through introspection you will discover how to clear those blockages. The turmoil you are experiencing will dissipate as you assume greater responsibility for your own self-care and wellbeing.


When you meet the Acrobat she will inspire you to rise above your trials and tribulations to see a fresh reality. She invites you to appreciate that there is always another way to see something. You are asked to gain a new perspective during your current energetic transition. You are asked to move through your learning and listen for the guidance of your inner messenger who delivers knowledge and wisdom. Although this card is a serious messenger, there is a sense of humor that comes along with it as well. There is always good news within unexpected developments and you are reminded to flow with it. Embrace the change, move with it, fully experience it, through all of your senses!

5. AIR   ACE OF SCROLLS (swords)

There are places we can discover knowledge of the higher things in life. Keys we can uncover to unlock abundant energy within. There is a raw potential inside us all, tap into yours! You have a creative impulse that needs to be nurtured through expansion of your mind. Remain tall in the face of adversity while unlocking energy powerful enough to change the way you see things. This may bring about mental conflict and be warned complacent souls may actively oppose you. You are asked to stand fast in your sheer determination and will to succeed. Through this you will find adversity, but are asked to not let others deter you from your path. Every new beginning holds the potentiality of abundant energy. Practice ways to communicate with your Higher Self, trusting your Intuition, and you will find your way!

6. HEART   FOUR OF STONES (pentacles)

The Four of Stones reflects how we interact or feel towards our possessions. An ornately bejeweled chest filled with your most prized possessions blocks your path to self-understanding. This is a warning to not overindulge in material things. You have become complacent regarding making the necessary changes in your life. This card can illuminate trouble if you don’t focus on remaining in balance. Always make sure to balance the physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional energies you engage in. This card recognizes the accomplishments you have reached thus far on your journey. It is now time to detach from any material possessions and look within for answers. You will not find any answer outside of you, no matter how long or how far you search. Focus on the higher matters of life, the experiences beyond your possessions.

7. GUIDE   ACE OF STONES (pentacles)

The Ace of Stones signifies the beginning of a new cycle. This card is bustling with the energy of fresh beginnings and the promise of endless possibility. This is an extremely positive affirming card indicating abundance in your life. You can expect to attain immediate goals through thoughtful planning and flexibility. Abundant Energy is available to you now, all you have to do is ask and take action. If you have a well-aligned and thought-out plan of action, there is nothing that can stop you from achieving abundance in all areas of your life!


It didn’t surprise me when this card appeared in the reading. It was the first card pulled during the solar eclipse energy update reading. The changes you have encountered since the new moon is what guides this entire reading. This card appeared upside down, which tells me it is an internal message! Merlin appears to inform of Healing. This new beginning you are entering is one of rebirth and completion. All things occur in Divine Timing therefore all things are done in perfection. While journeying into the unknown carries risk, those willing to dive deep with an open mind will be greatly rewarded through the process. You are asked to focus on self-healing during this positive shift of renewal and rebirth. Tap into the innocence of your potential while releasing any anxieties or preconceived notions you might hold regarding your journey. You must detach from your expectation of how things will unfold in your life. Approach your Ultimate Hero’s Journey with a carefree attitude and hold faith in Merlin’s transforming magic! He will constantly be at your side as you navigate through your life, through this unique journey.

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