New Dark Moon in Leo ~ Chakra Energy Reading

A Dark Moon occurs when there is a second New Moon within one calendar month. This particular Dark New Moon is considered a "Black Super New Moon" because it will be nearly invisible from our planet Earth. A Super Moon occurs when the Moon is closest to Earth during it's monthly orbit. A New Moon is generally a great time for New Beginnings. It seems this specific Dark New Moon in Leo is extra powerful, gifting us two equally pleasant opportunities for our new beginning. This isn't surprising coming after Eclipse season. What this tells me is we must place our power back into our decision and stand strong in our choice. We are being called out and asked to finally choose. This Chakra Energy Reading highlights the fork in the road as a Blessing. Remember, the path you walk, your journey; that is actually the destination. Decide your Intentions. Ground into what unfolds ... with Grace & Gratitude. 

RENEWAL ~ ground into nature. Spend time outside in peaceful silence. Engage in Meditation. Imagine a gold white light entering the crown of your head and lighting up your entire being. Blocks in the root chakra can affect all other energy centers. This is another beginning. The Red Geranium comes from a more beneficial place representing feelings of being in the dark. A change in circumstance is an unexpected blessing. The card of Renewal is one of regeneration, awakening, and fortune!

 “You are being offered a chance to awaken to a new life. You may need to deepen your roots and anchor yourself by taking stock of what you would like to create. This is a time to start again and grow a strong foundation. What appears to be an end may not be one after all. This may turn into a remarkable opportunity. Trust that whatever is coming is better than what you have known to this point. Ask yourself if you are remaining positive in the face of change or defeated by the changes before you.”

IMPASSE ~ surrender and then release. You have reached a point where you must make a decision. You have two equally appealing options before you. Sit under the full moon and breath in the fresh air. Clear your mind and ask the question for the answer you seek. You appear at an obstructed path and are asked to re-route. Reggie Rust represents a change of direction. Take the time to re-group and focus on the protection you receive from your Angels. The card of the Impasse is one of wisdom, opportunity, and surrender!

“What’s done is done. This card can indicate the end of great emotional upset. The power to change direction for the better is supported in rust. Your angels appear to protect you in the long run. This is a detour, not a “No”. Be in the here and now. Things will change. Go where you are led, for now. This is a re-route not an ending. The path is blocked and you are at an impasse, but the goal is still there. Do not wait for your present situation to change. Stay focused and find another path. Ask yourself how adaptable you are and how you feel about any delays.”

PRAYER ~ life is abundance. You cannot make a wrong decision so remember whichever choice you make is the right one. Take a personal break & engage in active self-care. Checking in with yourself allows the answer to appear before you. Your prayers are always answered. Cool Lemonade is here to answer all your prayers. Follow the path of service and you will be led to a life of fulfillment. The card of Prayer is one of clarity, destiny, and authenticity!

“Inquiry and original thoughts are inspired by the angels in lemon yellow. Cut through and face the truth and surrender to a higher calling. There is collaboration here and a willingness to change one’s mind. Try letting go of control. Cool Lemonade is a reminder that there is always a plan. If you were sidetracked from your path, then you will be guided back to your true calling. Ask yourself if your thoughts are a form of prayer and how you can actively live in prayer.” 

GOSSIP ~ patience is the virtue. Sometimes when we are too eager to be seen by others, who we are gets lost in translation and we can be misunderstood. Stepping into our truth is what allows our eccentric characteristics to be seen in their full authenticity. You have never met someone you didn’t like. Charmaine Chartreuse represents the uniqueness inside each of us. Refocus your life in order to support your vision of appreciation. The Gossip card is one of freedom, dance, and honor!

“This card represents the truly open heart with no personal agenda other than love. But it could also indicate the opposite: rebellion and denying your true gifts. An ability to follow your heart can appear to others as careless or strange. Yet in truth, everyone wishes they had the loving openness of Chartreuse. Charmaine Chartreuse suggests that appreciating differences is key. This card is a warning that you may lose a valued relationship if you do not appreciate what you have. Ask yourself if there is any misunderstanding or resistance in your present reality.”

VANITY ~ beauty is within. We are reminded to not be afraid to take the path less traveled, the one that can seem less likely to reap financial abundance. Sometimes the option that seems more attractive isn’t always the best choice for us. Choose wisely. You think you need more, but all is okay now. The Aqua People represent environmental tension or living in an illusion. There is self-doubt when you engage in empty conversations. You hold the power to change and sometimes that means lessening our limiting relationships. The Vanity card is one of faith, awareness, and transformation!

"The tenuous balance between what is true in our heart and what we communicate is reflected in Aqua. Are you living and communicating your truth or just playing along? This may be a time of awakening to a new way of being. Be aware of distractions that may pull you away from the true you. We all say we will stop when we have enough, but there's never enough. You may be looking outside yourself for validation. Ask yourself if you are feeling disconnected to anyone in your life and if you are growing away from limiting relationships."

DESPONDENCE ~ move that stagnant energy. You have become stagnant in the momentum of a project you already began. Get yourself out into nature. Move. Give yourself some time to be alone with your Intuition. Release into your natural flow. By taking action, you will find the road out. Violet Iris brings feelings of helplessness. Accept your circumstances as change is on the horizon. Take action to lessen any negative feelings. The Despondence card is one of revelation, movement, and encouragement!

"You have all the answers you need within. This card may indicate an emotional tie that no longer serves you. Remember, how you relate to the issue is the issue, obstacles are removed when you change your relationship to them. Iris teaches us the only route out of stagnation is motion. If we do nothing, we must accept the consequences. Ask yourself which part of your life feels immobilized and if you are willing to trust yourself with what you know you need to do."

IMPARTIALITY ~ paint me two choices. There are two paths before you. Neither choice in wrong, but one must be made. As you walk forward in action your path will illuminate for you. Tap into your Intuition and hearts desire to know which path will light your way. Sitting quietly and listening allows our own colors to shine. Bahana Beige is in a neutral position. By allowing things to unfold through putting yourself in the place of another, you will receive uplifted communication. The Impartiality card is one of guidance, an open-mind, and fairness!

"This is not a time to personally shine, but to allow others to come forth with their gifts. You may find yourself in the role of neutral advisor. Hold the space for others to find their own answers. Advice may not be well received. Be unbiased now. Take an impartial look at your situation. The action here is to listen and observe. Ask yourself what you see when you step back from the situation at hand and if you can be neutral."

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