New Moon in Cancer + Total Solar Eclipse

A solar eclipse is when the Moon darkens the Sun. The power of a New Moon holds for an entire month and the power from a solar eclipse holds up to six months. A New Moon marks the beginning of a cycle. This July 2nd New Moon + Solar Eclipse will bring good health & fortune to all. It’s an amazing omen of peaceful resolution for any current conflict. Over the phase of the next six months, continue to be patient with an open mind and tenacious attitude to witness your dreams unfold. This is a good time to question your old habits while searching for new perspectives. Physically write out your goals & dreams, any way that helps you actually visualize them into your reality. The entirety of this eclipse phase lasts until December 26th and on July 16th we experience a Lunar Eclipse, the partner of the Solar Eclipse.

During this time your Angels and Guides ask you to freely express your true thoughts and feelings surrounding Love. When you fully step into falling in Love with your Life you naturally radiate that Love into the World. Everything you do is by choice and every second you are free to choose again. Recently, you have manifested new opportunities & abundance. Sometimes things arrive to us in ways we least expect them to. We must learn to see through the Illusion and know we are not separate from Source. Focus on knowing you deserve these current feelings of peace, security, and happiness. Forgiveness is letting go of judgments and releasing all fears about the future. Look inward and truly fall in Love with what you see. Let the radiance of the Sun inspire your inner Light to shine. Do something physically stimulating. Go outside, dance, sing! Don’t let negative thoughts stop you from knowing you deserve this peace and happiness. Accept it graciously. You have been in communication with your Angels recently. They hear your calls for Romance and want you to know your needs are being met. Never fear asking your Guides and Angels assistance in anything you need! Pay close attention to any synchronicity in your life at this time. Are you listening and trusting the messages you are receiving? Be lovingly honest with yourself and your friends right now and appreciate the healing benefits of a true friend. You are now ready for people to enter your life who mirror your interests and actions. Endurance to let go of the security of home will lead to inner peace. Perseverance for Spiritual transformation and self-fulfillment will create a flow of positive change into your life. The Messenger inside reminds us our true journey is self-discovery. Learning to discern between false reality and free will creates a natural union of projecting positive energy, so it may be reflected back upon you. You have made quantum leaps of awareness and understanding. Transformation is a lifelong process and continuous cycle of growth and rebirth. This has been a time of great conscious transformation in your ascension while you have been stepping into your highest calling. A validation that all you have been working towards and dreaming for, is currently unfolding in your reality. Enjoy! Rejoice! Step INto Your Light!

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