Solar Eclipse ~ Energy Update

The Healing Energy of the Sun is one of power and intensity. We are experiencing a massive shift in new beginnings through the death and rebirth cycle of renewal. These are positive changes as we enter this intense time of Healing. We are asked to move beyond limiting beliefs when rising from the destruction of our own chaos. Sometimes there is a 3rd option you can’t quite see on the front side of things. As you flow into a situation don’t be afraid to uncover that alternative. It won’t be revealed until you’re in the thick of things. Push into that uncomfortable feeling. You never need to worry because “Everything is Working Out, Best Case scenario”. Better days are on the horizon. Living in the Now is Trusting the process and experience of pushing through the pain, as the only way to reach the other side of turmoil. This is a Solar Eclipse Portal we are experiencing lasting in extreme intensity until July 16th. Up until the end of 2019 we will be entangled with the power of this total solar eclipse portal. Utilize your tools for self-care and let intuition be your guide. Getting outside and connecting with Nature during these high-energy portals is extremely beneficial.

8-card Chrysalis Tarot reading: I was inspired to create this 8-card Tarot spread through working with the Chrysalis Tarot deck. It’s my spin on the classic 5-card Tarot Pentagram reading. 8 cards are chosen to represent the corresponding Element & Energy below:

1. SPIRIT – The energetic flow guiding current changes

2. EARTH – Current energies of your present reality

3. WATER – Unexpected internal energies at play

4. FIRE – Immediate personal energetic changes

5. AIR – Long-term outcome of your current changes

6. HEART - Heart centered guidance to focus on Now

7. GUIDE – Energies guiding the entire reading & flow

8. SOUL – Pulling the energies together, the entire message!


~Chrysalis Tarot reading Channeled for the Collective Conscious~ 

SPIRIT:   MERLIN   0.The Hero (or The Fool): New Beginnings – Healing

There is mystery in the unknown and magic in the journey for those willing to take risks and dive in deep with an open mind. Your power as a Healer is of innocent energy and limitless potential. Constantly remember to let go of anxiety through the process of renewal and rebirth. Now is the time to release any preconceived notions about how you should get to where you are going. The Hero’s Journey is best approached with a carefree attitude while keeping faith in your transformative magic. As you flow through your current changes in reality, Trust in the power you hold within!

EARTH:   KALI   XVI.The Tower: Creative Destruction

The ethereal creative destruction of restoring balance in your life comes from releasing what you have been stubbornly clinging to. A mindset, someone, or something – that has become incompatible with your quest to self-fulfillment. Deconstruct this physical or mental construct that stand in your way and move past it. Try to perceive the forging of a new path as something positive rather than daunting. Once you engage in cooperation with moving forward, balance and harmony will flow into your life. This is a time of transition into an evolved state of being – you are being called to action! 

WATER:   GREEN MAN   IV.The Emperor: Structure & Nurturing

The physical signs have been appearing for you through your dreams, specific memories, and pure intuition. The Green Man is Gaia’s personal spiritual consort. It reigns with the Sun card as a patriotic figure, amplifying surrounding cards, validating the appearance of the Sun in this reading! The mutable constructs of water remind you to remain fluid and flexible. Things aren’t just changing on the outside, they are occurring internally as well. These might be unexpected changes but they are positive, powerful, and necessary. Through life’s biggest destructions we are gifted opportunity to rise from our ashes!

FIRE:   PHOENIX   XX.Judgment: Resolution

The ethereal Phoenix reminds us of our ability to rise beautifully from the ashes caused by fire and destruction. A lesson has been learned, restored, and the dawn of a new day is on the horizon. The Phoenix is here to highlight your immediate personal energetic changes. They have been fierce, rapid, and highly destructive. You may now tap into the high energies of inspirational consciousness flowing form other worlds. We hold the power to connect with other timelines for resolution and restoration. Trusting in your intuition and following instincts allows for the quickest route to reaping your rewards. 

AIR:   SIX OF MIRRORS   6 of Cups: Memories

During times of emotional challenges we are asked to regain control. There is high feminine energy within intuition and the development of relationships. We are reminded to find our inner child and connect with our fun loving spirit. Enjoy nature and listen to music. The 6 of Mirrors reflect memories from 6 different time periods in your lifetime. You may recall them as fanciful memories but they are illuminating how they affect your present and possibly your future. They reflect an energy pattern of unseen activities that will help you gain and maintain balance and harmony in your life.

HEART:   MA’AT   VIII.Justice: Balance

Spirituality holds our creations in equilibrium. The power of the Sun is present in this card of truth, justice, and balance. We have an opportunity for rebirth through finding our truth. We are reminded to be cautious when approaching problems in our life. Look within and trust your intuition. We are being asked to focus on our heart center for guidance. This card of balance asks us to harness our ego. Integrate and allow your ego to drive you headfirst into powerful choices. Through truth you find justice. Through thoughtfulness, justice and balance will prevail.

GUIDE:   SUN   XIX.The Sun: Empowerment

In the ethereal card of the Sun we are reminded how many people neglect the beauty, truth, and justice in this world to focus on the power of material items. This reminder is here to not highlight the negative but to point out the positive and optimistic power of completion. The Sun is here to brighten your day with the empowerment of seeing your hard work coming to fruition. The Sun is a positive sign in the natural cycles of life. Enlightenment is conscious awareness flowing in both directions. The sun and the moon inspire us to take a break from our busy routine and reconnect with nature. 

SOUL:   ELPI   XVII.The Star: Hope & Choices

The Star card brings an ethereal message of hope and choice. This card symbolizes the 4 winds of the North, South, East, and the West, all setting the sky ablaze with the power of positive light. As a message of hope we are asked to keep faith for the brighter days ahead. Hold onto Hope and never despair or feel defeated by life’s natural challenges. Remember, there is always choice, and your choice can never be wrong. What you choose for today may affect your tomorrow. Visualize yourself in Hopeful Starlight! You are the co-creator of your reality. Make this reality all you desire!

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