The Lion's Gate Portal ~ Energy Reading

The Lion’s Gate Portal is considered active from July 26th – August 12th reaching its peak potency on August 8th. In Numerology the 8th day of the 8th month is a high spiritual charged time: 8:8. The number 8 is a symbol of Infinity, representing the infinite journey our souls consciously embark upon. We are considered forever-conscious souls, as we have always and will always continue to live on past this carnation. The Energetic Power of this Portal comes from the high beams of vibrational energy being sent to planet Earth. 8 is a number associated with abundance, power, and higher realms of consciousness. This is a crucially potent time to charge and clear out stagnant energy making room for the new. The Lion’s Gate Portal is similar to a “new year” celebration occurring during the time of Leo, with the Rising of the star Sirius, known as our Spiritual Sun in the Constellation of Cancer. A Divine time to cosmically align and anchor the ascension codes broadcasting down from the Star Sirius and through our Great Central Sun.

The Dawn of this New Beginning brings news of Rainbow Blessings. The Celts tied bits of cloth called clooties on trees near springs and wells where nature spirits dwell, as votive offerings. This is a reminder to outwardly express our gratitude for the abundance of blessings that enter our lives during times of new beginnings. Balance is key. Invoke the Power of 3 and pay close attention to this number in your surroundings. Think Multi-Dimensionally. There isn’t always one or two options, but 3 or more! When you open your perspective to the power of 3, let it be, let it be, let it be! Balance will return to your life. You are in a time of renewal within your friendships. New friends and renewed friends are now entering your life. Cherish these friendship, as they will ultimately prove to be some of the most beautiful blessings to enter your life. Lovingly release any friendships that are toxic and no longer serve your higher good. They will either return healed or move on in the flow of Divine Timing. Your Ancestors are reminding you they are always close in times of need and support. You have a whole team, generations of guidance, with you at all times. Your Ancestors appear before you now, to say you are entering a time of great Abundance. You are reminded to always trust your instincts when facing difficult decisions. Gaining balance in your life allows new perspectives to flow into your reality. Clearing out old stagnant energies literally makes room for new Blessings and Manifestations to enter your life. If you are choosing to take action and co-create, you will manifest your desired reality. Get creative, follow your heart, and everything you imagine will appear in your world. Gaia appears before us now. The Earth, the Sun, and the Moon, recognize your Power and Potential to help Heal our planet during this Time of Ascension. The Moon reminds us to enter a time of spiritual reflection through the layers of our subconscious mind. Sometimes when we have been working towards something, it can seem like it is taking forever. This is the time to hold on to our Power of Perseverance, as it does not go unrecognized by the Universe. Everything occurs in a specific sequence of events, all things happens in Divine Timing. Celebrate any small win in your life, as they ultimately unfold into what our future holds, Miracles of Manifestation. Patience is necessary for Success. Gaia recognizes this as a time of inner Self-Acceptance and Healing. As a Collective we have worked hard to relate to our physical bodies and how we look and feel on the outside. It’s time to look within and hold steadfast during this time of internal self-acceptance healing. The Herne, or The Chariot, reminds us to Focus and welcome the Divine Assistance before us. The Herne who yields The Chariot, demonstrates our willpower to overcome all obstacles. When The Chariot rides through any reading, he brings a sign of success and an affirmative response to any question you may hold. The Dreamer in this reading brings a sign of how you are entering a time of mystical experience and heightened intuition. You are asked to dream your impossible dreams of limitless energetic possibilities. The Visionary appears in this reading to bring patience to your journey. Yes, this is an abundant time of new beginnings, however, we must always be patient when pursuing a path of Light. Eat well, Meditate, and live a selfless life of Love. You are on the path of your Spiritual Destiny. You should always take risks, make bold choices, and fully emit the true essence of who you truly are. There is no wrong decision you can make on this path of enlightenment. Through taking a stand in your life and embracing some form of radical thinking, you will harness the ability to change your entire reality. Mastering Inner Alchemy. True Love is before you now. Many people currently incarnated will be reuniting with their twin flame, or soul mate, in this lifetime. Whichever label or title resonates with you, it is the love of a Soul Mate you will attain. This Level of Love is Karmic and part of your Divine Destiny. Embrace perseverance with your inner-healing and you will experience Soul Mate Love very soon. Utilize your heightened Intuition to tap into all levels of your Psychic abilities. Now is the Time. Step into the Full Power of YOU!

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